Hoover Area Chamber of Commerce moving to The Offices at 3000 Riverchase

BIRMINGHAM, AL | July 23, 2018 – The Hoover Area Chamber of Commerce today announced that it is moving its office from The Centre at Riverchase to The Offices at 3000 Riverchase, formerly known as the Galleria Tower.

The chamber is leaving a 2,400-square-foot space in The Centre at Riverchase, which is across U.S. 31 from the Hoover Municipal Center, and moving into a 2,500-square-foot space on the third floor of the office tower adjoining the Riverchase Galleria, Executive Director April Stone said. The office will overlook the Galleria food court, she said.

As part of the move, the chamber will need to transport their existing furniture and possessions to their new premises. This will involve hiring crates to ensure that everything arrives safely and securely. You can get more information about UK wide crate hire & packaging from teacrate.co.uk and other crate hire companies in other countries by doing some research online.

Furthermore, the chamber will reconfigure its office layout to allow for a larger conference room that will hold 50 to 60 people, Stone said. The current chamber office, while nice, does not have a room big enough to accommodate a crowd that size, she said. When reconfiguring an office, there are a few different methods that could potentially be used. Whilst there’s always the option of restructuring the office, that can be expensive and timely. Perhaps a more suitable option would be to look into some accordion room dividers to set up a new space easily.

The chamber in 2019 hopes to begin having more professional development seminars for its members, covering topics along the lines of customer service, business financial planning, employment issues and tax changes, Stone said.

Chamber President Jerome Morgan Jr. said in a press release that the move also allows the chamber office to move closer to the center of Hoover and the epicenter of the retail business community.

Stone declined to discuss rent details, but said she is very cognizant of the financial investment that chamber members make and will make wise use of every dollar. The chamber hopes to make its move in October, pending build-out of the new space, she said. She plans to have an open house to introduce members and the community to the new space after the move has been completed, she said.

The chamber has been in its current space at The Centre at Riverchase for 11 years. Before that, the chamber was in a 1,400-square-foot space in Lorna Brook Village along Lorna Road for 16 years.

The Hoover Area Chamber of Commerce is moving its office from The Centre at Riverchase, at left, to The Offices at 3000 Riverchase, formerly known as the Galleria Tower.

This article was written by Jon Anderson of the Hoover Sun on July 20, 2018. To view the original article, please visit http://hooversun.com/businesses/hoover-chamber718/