Third Generation of the Wilson Family in the Business of Shopping Center Development

MONTGOMERY, AL | May 22, 2018 – ICSC National Convention, 1983, and the former President of the trade organization, James W. Wilson, Jr. is leading his 1975 formed organization Jim Wilson & Associates through the national convention of developers and retailers in Las Vegas. Attending that convention was a young, 16 year old high schooler, Will Wilson, with his Dad. Today, the next chapter in that family legacy story, William Wilson, arrived at the 2018 ReCon Convention in Las Vegas with his father, Will Wilson. Having just completed his freshman year of college at TCU William Wilson joins his father, now President of Jim Wilson & Associates, and his uncle, Jim Wilson, III, Chairman at the annual shopping center convention. And so begins with William Wilson, the third generation of the Wilson family int he business of shopping center development.

From 1975 until today the Jim Wilson & Associates team has found, developed and operated properties all over the United States and abroad and while doing so has successfully navigated the ups and downs of challenging markets. Today there are new hurdles in front of development such as the changed landscape of development created by the internet and how to integrate the brick and mortar world into a new environment.

The JWA team survived and thrived with leadership by Jim Wilson Jr. That leadership formula is still present and is found in Will Wilson and Jim Wilson, III. Now, with over 42 years of company history, the third generation steps into the arena where new challenges exist but with a desire to be a real part of the game.