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The Varied Services of Jim Wilson & Associates

Jim Wilson & Associates leverages its vast intellectual and operational resources to capitalize on evolving opportunities outside the realm of real estate.


Jim Wilson & Associates works closely with clients and owners to develop customized programs that meet or exceed investment requirements and objectives

Building with Retail Stores

Jim Wilson & Associates invests in build-to-suit development opportunities on behalf of user clients, using the resources of JWA and development partners.

JWA makes capital investments in both new and existing businesses, leveraging our team’s experience structuring development opportunities and expanding operating companies. Our track record of creating long-term value for management spans retail, manufacturing, financial services, entertainment and hospitality investments.

Jim Wilson & Associates’ team has a keen eye for detail in the construction of major retail, commercial or residential developments. For four decades, JWA has handled wide-ranging projects, bringing them from the initial planning stages all the way through to opening — and with a commitment to high standards of quality every step of the way.

Jim Wilson & Associates provides strategic consulting services that draw upon extensive experience in real estate investments. Integrating the expertise of senior professionals with specialized skills provides excellent insight into diversified investment alternatives.

Jim Wilson & Associates has built an outstanding reputation in the real estate development field, developing more than 22 million square feet of shopping space — and that number continues to grow. JWA developed two of the South’s finest residential planned communities. These well-respected real estate successes have been joined by the development of hotels and condominiums, elite Class A office spaces in both Montgomery and Birmingham, Alabama, and other real estate projects from Florida to New York.

JWA builds value and loyalty with its partners through our combination of excellent products, reliable service and distribution expertise. LEARN MORE

JWA’s hospitality properties infuse southern charm with sound management — a trait that has been evident throughout JWA since its inception. Whether the property is hosting a golf outing for business partners or making the bride the center of attention on her wedding day, stress-free operations allow the focus to stay where it should: on the guests.

Jim Wilson & Associates is well suited for managing the complexities of leasing retail and commercial property. Developing longstanding relationships with hundreds of retailers is an integral part of the process. In addition, JWA is able to maximize profitability through its experienced team of professionals who know how to efficiently manage property while increasing its value.

Jim Wilson & Associates’ innovative property management strategies pursue efficiencies for making properties profitable and reducing operating costs while increasing property values.

A development’s future success always begins with the critical first step: selecting the right site. JWA has vast experience in selecting sites with great potential — and bringing that potential to fruition.