Construction Management by Jim Wilson & Associates

Construction Management

As a construction manager, Jim Wilson & Associates (JWA) brings more than four decades of experience to guide a project from start to finish. We have an eye for detail in the construction of major residential, commercial, and retail developments with a proven track record for delivering builds on budget and on time.

No project is too large or too small for JWA. Our team delivers the best possible value and manages each project with:

  • Cost reports and updates throughout our clients timeline
  • Construction report management
  • Time management and project scheduling
  • Daily field inspections
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Progress meetings
  • Contract compliance
  • Project close-out and documentation
  • Cost management

Protecting Your Interests

JWA brings decades of commercial construction industry to the table to provide effective management of a project’s safety, quality, cost, schedule, and scope. Our role is providing oversight of our clients entire project while protecting their interests. With Jim Wilson & Associates, our clients can be sure their project will be delivered on time and on budget to their standard of scope and quality.

Our long history in the commercial construction industry makes us uniquely qualified to determine the right sequence of operations and develop a fine-tuned budget and schedule while managing risk. We use complex planning techniques and a state-of-the-art project management information system to ensure no detail, deadline, or risk is overlooked.

Do You Need a Construction Manager?

According to a study by the CMAA Foundation and McGraw-Hill Construction, the use of a professional construction manager typically results in higher quality results, avoided problems, and cost savings for project owners. Here’s how our clients benefit from the decades of experience they receive with Jim Wilson & Associates.

Balance scope, schedule, and cost

Many owners lack the technical expertise and experience necessary to manage their own project or simply lack the time to devote to a long process of entitlement, planning, design, and construction. JWA acts as a representative to guide our clients through challenges in construction and design while balancing three competing needs: project cost, scope, and deadlines.

JWA will:

  • Reduce overall project costs through enhanced bidding, value engineering, fewer change orders, contract negotiation, and eliminating duplicate or unneeded cost and scope.
  • Act as a representative to protect our clients best interests and put the project first.
  • Optimize the construction schedule.
  • Provide reliable and realistic project budgets.
  • Set up quality controls to reduce the risk of poor workmanship or project defects.
  • Provide guidance on the retention of appropriate, qualified team members.
  • Protect our clients from avoidable liability.

Our clients can count on Jim Wilson & Associates to manage their project from start to finish, foresee and avoid many potential problems, and ensure the project is completed on budget and on time. The sooner we are involved in the project, the better the value we can offer. This is because most cost savings opportunities are discovered during planning and pre-construction when scope and budget are defined.