Groundbreaking Held for $1 Billion Redstone Gateway Projectnoimg

Groundbreaking Held for $1 Billion Redstone Gateway Project

HUNTSVILLE, AL | AUG 23, 2010–Military officers joined area civic, business, and political leaders Monday morning for the official groundbreaking for the new Redstone Gateway project. Over the next few years it is projected the facility, to be built on hundreds of currently unoccupied acres around Gate 9 at Redstone Arsenal, will include dozens of buildings housing up to 15,000 workers. Redstone Gateway’s 4.4 million square feet of office space is crucial to accommodating missions and related federal contractors moving to Redstone Arsenal and Huntsville as a result of recommendations made by the BRAC Commission.

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City’s First Energy Star Home, Under Construction In New Parknoimg

City’s First Energy Star Home, Under Construction In New Park

MONTGOMERY, AL | APR 14, 2010–New Park, the city’s newest neighborhood in East Montgomery off Ray Thorington Road, is pleased to announce that Alabama Power is partnering with Hugh Cole Builder, Inc., in constructing the City’s first ENERGY STAR home in New Park, which will feature high energy efficient heat pumps and a Marathon electric water heater. Other energy efficient features are increased wall, ceiling and attic insulation and proper sealing of all exterior penetrations such as plumbing and electrical work. As well as any plumbing and electrical work that needs to be completed to the exterior of the homes, aspects like the windows and doors may also need to be fitted.

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AUM Honors Local Developer Wilsonnoimg

AUM Honors Local Developer Wilson

MONTGOMERY, AL | MAR 10, 2010–The head of one of Montgomery’s largest real estate development firms said the financial crisis means it will be far more difficult for such companies to construct huge projects. Jim Wilson III, CEO of Jim Wilson & Associates, was named the Auburn Montgomery Outstanding Business Leader of the Year on Tuesday. The company that built such Montgomery landmarks as EastChase and Wynlakes could well be reduced to the role of real estate agent if current trends continue, he said. “We will be nothing but a broker,” he said. “The risk profile will come off of us. “Today, I can’t sell the dream of an EastChase being built.”

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Jim Wilson & Associates, LLC Forms Joint Venture To Develop Redstone Gateway Business Park At Redstone Arsenal In Huntsville, Alabamanoimg

Jim Wilson & Associates, LLC Forms Joint Venture To Develop Redstone Gateway Business Park At Redstone Arsenal In Huntsville, Alabama

MONTGOMERY, AL | MAR 23, 2010–Jim Wilson & Associates (JWA) is pleased to announce the formation of a joint venture with Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT) for the development of Redstone Gateway, a 468 acre land parcel adjacent to Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. To be developed as a business park, this site will be home to over 4.6 million square feet of office, retail and hotel space upon completion. With land owned by the U.S. Government and leased to the joint venture pursuant to a long term ground lease through the government’s Enhanced Use Lease (EUL) program, the business park is planned to be developed in three phases and will feature three to six story office buildings containing 80,000 to 165,000 square feet. Meeting also a need for secured office space, over 1.2 million square feet will be within the secure area of Redstone Arsenal.

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