JWA’s Latest Capital Investment, PrecisionPay, debuts at the 2024 NSSF SHOT Show

LAS VEGAS, NV  |  January 23, 2024 – Jim Wilson & Associates, LLC (JWA)’s latest capital investment is coming to market after two years of development with the introduction of PrecisionPay. This innovative business service, offered by MakeCents, just had its highly anticipated debut at the prestigious 2024 NSSF SHOT Show in Las Vegas this week. It’s an exciting milestone for JWA and PrecisionPay.

PrecisionPay is the first truly purpose-built payment platform for the firearms industry. The first generation of this technology is already
operational with a number of US merchants, with several system enhancements soon to be introduced.

As any firearms merchant can attest, the “Big 3” payment processing companies generally do not condone firearm sales and impose steep barriers on the process – including an outright refusal to process many sales that are protected under the Second Amendment. Often, the leading payment companies essentially punish retailers by imposing a higher fee on firearm or ammo transactions. Customers also worry that their private purchases will be tracked, categorized, and reported in ways the customer never authorized.

PrecisionPay was founded by senior technology and 2A advocates to creatively solve those exact problems. The PrecisionPay system offers key advantages over conventional payment processing services:

Made for this industry!

  • Unlike Stripe, PayPal and others, our platform will never “cancel” our customers for the legal sale of firearms or firearm-related accessories.
  • We keep all transaction data confidential — no tagging or categorizing of customer purchases.

Fast payments, without account complexity

  • We are an ACH-based service that can clear transactions as quickly as the same day and no later than the standard 3-day window.
  • Our solution is meant to augment and not replace your current credit card payment processor. Your business will not be disrupted by pulling out systems already in place.
  • Customers can directly and securely authenticate their bank account, saving time and minimizing fraud.
  • Like PayPal, we encourage end-users to join our ecosystem. This provides numerous benefits to them and our merchants such as cross- marketing, loyalty programs and advertising.
  • Unlike PayPal, users do not need an account with us, they can simply pay just like they would using a credit card.
  • Retail customers who join the PrecisionPay network can access their own account to view transactions, request refunds, link bank accounts, and participate in various deals and incentives.
  • PrecisionPay merchants have access to a robust payment portal with features that meet or exceed those found on Stripe or PayPal.

Fast, flexible and cost-efficient

  • Unlike so many legacy payment services, our platform is built using the latest technologies, making us inherently faster, more stable and secure.
  • Our system has a robust public API, allowing sophisticated merchants to create a PrecisionPay-powered gateway, customizing it to their own needs.
  • Our transaction fees are approximately 30% less than the industry standard credit card processors.

Let’s meet at SHOT Show
Members of our leadership team are attending SHOT Show and will be pleased to tell you more about PrecisionPay’s advantages. Our next release will bring valuable, new benefits to our growing client list. Let’s set up a quick, introductory meeting to discuss your unique payment challenges. Contact our CEO Stephen Graceffa at 401-258-7746, or steveg@myprecisionpay.com.