JWA Celebrates the Life of Herman B. Franco (1929-2020)

Jim Wilson, Jr. formed Jim Wilson & Associates in late 1975. When assembling a team of real estate professionals, he quickly settled on outside legal counsel when he reached out to retain his good friend Herman B. Franco to work with the newly formed company. That relationship provided JWA with one of the country’s best and most highly respected real estate attorneys for over thirty years.

On September 3, 2020, Herman passed away at the age of 91. Even though Herman had long since left the private practice of law, JWA lost a great friend and outstanding counselor. Our memories of Herman’s presence are many and those of us at JWA who knew him paused for a while to share with others our Herman Franco experiences and stories.

In representing JWA, Herman’s approach was always direct, always tactical and always complete. As a friend, Herman stood shoulder to shoulder with us with great conversation, unmatched wit that led to laughter and an astute seriousness whenever needed and appropriate.

Herman Franco was a critical and important chapter in the book of JWA. His passing will be mourned, his life celebrated and our memories of him cherished.