Anita Carter Recognized by Home Builders Association


MONTGOMERY, AL  |  DECEMBER 9, 2015 – Anita Carter, JWA Vice President of Residential Development, who leads the company’s efforts for its residential development at New Park, has been employed by JWA for over 26 years.  Recently she was recognized by Jim Mathews, President of the Greater Montgomery Home Builders Association, who provided the following review and acclamation:

Each year the associate members of the Greater Montgomery Home Builders Association (GMHBA) send in their ballots to select a recipient of the “Associate of the Year” award.  This award is recognition by their fellow associates for their diligent, hard work to ensure the success of several projects throughout the year and their involvement on the State level.  Their work includes intense planning and a great deal of work throughout the year.  A good deal of personal sacrifice is very evident to the membership as they observe the roles this member takes in the affairs of the association.  Their involvement seems to always be pleasurable to them and their enthusiasm is very contagious to the people around them.  In the past, Associates have set precedents that work well, and we continue to utilize these guidelines for events and projects today.  As builder members of this association, I can’t stress enough how important our associates are.  Associates make up two-thirds of the GMHBA membership and are a driving force behind most of our events.  This year’s recipient was instrumental to the success of the 2015 Parade of Homes.  She was also the Chair of the GMHBA Associate Committee, and helped lead the way to many other outstanding events this year.  It is our honor and pleasure to award this year’s Associate of the Year to Anita Carter.