After 43 years with JWA, Alice Skinner Russell Retires

MONTGOMERY, AL  |  January 2, 2024 – In the summer of 1980 Alice Skinner accepted a job with Jim Wilson & Associates as a paralegal for the firm. Specializing in the coordination of documentation for major real estate transactions, Alice quickly made an outstanding statement of excellent achievement. Her dedication to detail proved invaluable during her early years at JWA.

During the late 1980’s Alice attended Jones Law School, receiving her degree in 1987 and opened yet another chapter of her tenure with JWA. Over the next thirty plus years Alice worked on over 35 major transactions, negotiated thousands of leases and, most importantly, became a source of respected advice through hours and hours of consultation during each working day, a dynamic characteristic of a person who defined what it meant to be a team player.

As the end of 2023 approached, Alice Jean Skinner Russell made one more decision as she chose to take the next life step and retire from work and spend all her time with her husband John Russell. At the firm’s annual Christmas dinner, Will Wilson reminded everyone how much Alice and her work had contributed to the success of JWA.

As we honor Alice’s remarkable journey at JWA, this heartfelt poem captures the essence of her dedication and impact on JWA.

The years at JWA have been just north of 43

     each marked by busy times, long days, and fun.

Great friends were made.

Great times were had.

With challenges both old and new, the world

     of JWA has ebbed, flowed and continued

     through success, tragedy and change.

But its culture, defined by people like Alice

     has always been its backbone.

Through all the 43 years, Alice has been Alice

      A co-worker we all respect,

      A friend we all have, and

      A person we all love.

Thank you Alice Russell and my God bless.

JWA will miss Alice Russell, our respected associate, our reliable counselor and collectively our friend. From this perspective we wish Alice and John the very best future as Alice steps into full retirement.