The Shoppes at Redstone Gateway are Under Construction

HUNTSVILLE, AL | JUNE 6, 2016 -The Shops at Redstone Gateway are under construction and opening very soon right outside of Redstone’s Gate 9.

WAFF 48 News spoke exclusively to one of the company partners developing The Shops.

“We have them worked out well on paper. We think we have something special, that people will really appreciate it. But proof is always in the pudding!” said Michael Northern, the Vice President and partner for WJP Restaurant Group, one of the main companies developing The Shops at Redstone Gateway.

“It’s important to nail it coming out of the gates. Most people say they can’t believe this hasn’t been done before, it’s incredibly exciting,” said Northern.

Four brand new eateries are being made exclusively for Huntsville.

There’s Fiero Mexican Grill, a quick, casual Mexican street food; Dipwich Original American Sandwiches that serves roast beef and turkey dip right to your fingertips; and Next who has labeled itself as the “Rocket City Tavern.”

“Where people and history meet for great food and drink,” described Northern.

It will include, the ever popular, local craft microbrewery.

You can’t forget the Redstone Gateway Conference & Dining Center, made for large gatherings and good food.

“People inside of the Arsenal or the exterior of the Arsenal have a place to meet where they don’t have to go through secure gates to get there,” said Northern.

Excitement doesn’t even come close to what Northern says he’s feeling.

“They’ll be a really great hub of human activity, is what I would call it. I think that once the restaurants are open, people will see the value of the location,” explained Northern.

Redstone Arsenal’s master plan, along with The Shops, is to move Gate 9 three-fourths of a mile into the Arsenal. They broke ground 2 weeks ago and the idea is to create a better avenue for traffic coming in and more comfortable.

“That is probably 10 or 12 months down the road before it’s finished because it’s important to them, as they go through that work, that they don’t interrupt the flow of traffic going into Gate 9,” said Northern.

The restaurants are expected to open in stages. The first two opening in mid-September. The second set being complete in October. This is only phase one of the entire project, which includes three phases, to be completed in the near future.

This article was written by Stephanie Mills of WAFF 48 on June 6, 2016. To view the original article, please visit