Hospitality Development

Jim Wilson & Associates, LLC specializes in taking the guesswork out of hospitality with hospitality properties that combine sound management, Southern charm, and smart design. At JWA, we believe in maximizing value by evaluating properties for prestige and potential profit.

Jim Wilson & Associates delivers more than 40 years of experience building long-term value in the hospitality sector with a proven commitment to quality and service. We are uniquely positioned to help with hospitality developments that are seamlessly executed and properly managed to entice guests with a portfolio that includes a successful Hyatt Regency and one of the most prestigious private golf and country clubs in the South.

We understand that hospitality spaces should provide guests with an escape from the stress of everyday life by offering functional and attractive architecture, luxury, and the best possible customer service. Hospitality is about more than delivering a physical product; it must also deliver an experience.

Valuable hospitality development focuses on creating an enjoyable experience that makes guests feel welcome and wish to return. This involves more than just services like concierge; it also requires a combination of aesthetics, comfortable furniture, easy navigation, predictability, and unexpected benefits.

Southerners take hospitality very seriously and we bring this unique approach to hospitality development in all of our projects, whether they are major hotel brands in mixed-use developments or country clubs.

Why Choose JWA As Your Hospitality Development Partner?

Jim Wilson & Associates delivers more than four decades of commercial real estate development experience with a large portfolio of properties in the South including more than 22 million square feet of shopping space, hotels, and country clubs. We work with you from project inception to completion to put your interests first and help you build long-term value.

With JWA, you can expect:

Local Expertise You Can Count On

Jim Wilson & Associates understands the local markets in the South to help with site selection, due diligence, and master planning. We will work with you to understand your needs and deliver a robust solution with the Southern hospitality guests will expect.

Extensive Resources

Commercial development involves many experts and specialties including engineers, architects, construction managers, and skilled tradespeople. We deliver an in-house team of experts and a large network of trusted partners to optimize your development and bring your vision to life.

Public Sector Outreach

Red tape can derail a real estate development project very quickly. Because your development will require extensive governmental and legal diligence, you can count on JWA to work with local, state, and federal agencies to secure building and zoning approvals on schedule.

Support from Inception through Operations

JWA doesn’t just assist you through the stages of development and construction; we also offer on-going property management and asset management to control liability, costs, and requirements associated with a hospitality project.