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Real Estate Development

Jim Wilson & Associates, LLC has spent over 40 years building a stellar reputation in commercial real estate development across the South. Based in Montgomery, we have developed more than 22 million square feet of shopping space alone in addition to master-planned communities, office space, and mixed-use developments.

JWA proudly serves Tallahassee as a full-service commercial real estate development company. We assist during every stage of development and oversee property investments to build significant value. From handling sales negotiations and land acquisitions to overseeing site entitlement and managing construction, you can count on Jim Wilson & Associates, LLC for solutions that add value to your project.

We serve tenants and investor clients with tailored solutions from project inception to the end. Whether you need a consultant, development manager, or you are interested in a joint venture, JWA offers comprehensive real estate development services to support the financial success of your project.

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Site Selection

Site analysis and selection is one of the first and most crucial steps to a development’s long-term success. The right location can make or break a development, and JWA offers experienced site selection services to find appropriate sites that meet tenant requirements, market demand, and viability concerns.

Financial Analysis

Delivering over 40 years of financial expertise, JWA is uniquely positioned to help you maximize the value of your development while controlling cash flow, cost, quality, and timelines. JWA brings to the table not only decades of experience in commercial real estate development but also strong ties to leaders in real estate, finance, and the legal communities for robust financial solutions.


Our JWA Ventures division offers dedicated build-to-suit solutions for tenants. Reduce your risk and free up capital when building a purpose-built facility with JWA Ventures. We can handle everything from site selection to turnkey developments while you enjoy improved space and efficiency with lower long-term costs.

Master Planning

A master plan is crucial in guiding a major development plan and it helps in making decisions about financial viability, site selection, use, timing, scalability, and sustainability. As a leading Tallahassee real estate development company, JWA offers master planning services to meet long-term investment objectives.

Site Entitlement

We understand the complexities of gaining government approval and entitlement for a real estate development. This complex process can be time-consuming and there are many areas in which it can go wrong, potentially derailing a development. The real estate developers at JWA offer site entitlement services that include preparation and submission of plans, special use permits, and other crucial documents to obtain project approval.

Full Service Commercial Real Estate Development in Tallahassee

JWA takes pride in delivering the best possible value to tenants and investors. We will help you evaluate the level of service you need to maximize the value of your development with commercial development solutions that also include:

  • Financial incentives
  • Property management
  • Construction management
  • Due diligence
  • Leasing

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