Orlando, Florida

Real Estate Development

Jim Wilson & Associates, LLC is a full-service real estate development company. We have developed office buildings, malls, and other commercial properties for our clients for 40 years. This experience has made us the premier real estate development company in the South.

We offer real estate development services in the Orlando area and throughout the South. JWA has developed more than 22 million square feet of retail space and specializes in mixed-use and residential master-planned communities and sectors such as hospitality and class A office space. The quality of our services has established us as the go-to real estate development company in Orlando, FL.

Jim Wilson & Associates has been a trusted partner in real estate development for four decades. We provide financial planning, local resources, development and management of real estate. Our goal is to ensure long-term success and value for your investments.

Your real estate development needs are unique. We tailor our services with your specific goals in mind. These services include:

  • Management of property.
  • A financial plan that considers every aspect to the development.
  • Advice on site location. We know that no matter how spectacular your development, site location is one of the main factors in real estate development success.
  • Master planning that includes forecast analysis and expansion options for the future.

Site Selection

Site selection should take into consideration demographics, construction costs, the reputation of the neighborhood, ease of public transportation access, as well as future plans for the site area.  Jim Wilson & Associates takes these and other factors into account to create long-term value for your property.

Financial and Legal Analysis

Jim Wilson & Associates offers financial planning with your cash flow and best financial gain in mind. We consider the following when creating an optimal financial plan.

  • Market value of the property.
  • Potential building and operating costs.
  • Market rental values in the Orlando areas.
  • Evaluation of your development plans for the best return on your investment.

We are familiar with all legal and regulatory requirements as they relate to the city of Orlando.

Site Entitlements

Entitlements are a critical part of real estate development. We can advise or handle all zoning, city planning codes adherence, land use regulations, and building codes. Other considerations are sewage disposal, environmental impact, design approval and more. Jim A. Wilson can handle all entitlement issues and obtain all necessary permits.

Build-to-Suit Development

JWA Ventures, a division of Jim Wilson & Associates, offers build-to-suit opportunities in Orlando. Purpose-built properties offer numerous advantages for tenants, including freed-up capital and reduced risk during expansion.

Construction Management

Keeping a real estate project on time and budget is not easy. That is why Jim Wilson & Associates can also serve as your construction manager to keep all phases of the project flowing as planned. Our vast experience allows us to manage the budget and various schedules to keep your project on budget and on time. We take pride in the quality of our work and always have your interests in mind.

Additional Real Estate Development Services

As the real estate developer of choice, Jim Wilson & Associates offers a wide range of additional services in Orlando:

  • Incentives
  • Acquisitions
  • Due diligence
  • Master planning
  • Property management


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