New Orleans, Louisiana

Real Estate Development

Leveraging more than 40 years of real estate development experience with Jim Wilson & Associates, LLC, a Montgomery-based full-service investment and real estate firm.  Founded in 1975, our real estate development company has developed over 22 million square feet of retail space alone in addition to residential communities and other sectors such as hotels, Class A office space, and hospitality.

Jim Wilson & Associates, LLC operates throughout the South, including New Orleans and all of Louisiana.  Our privately held real estate development company specializes in building long-term value in a range of sectors such as mixed-use developments, shopping centers, and office space with a large portfolio that includes examples like Edgewater Mall in Biloxi, Mississippi.  Edgewater Mall is an 867,000 square foot regional, enclosed shopping center featuring specialty stores, restaurants, entertainment, and out parcels.  Additional examples include the planned community of New Park, a master-planned residential development in one of Montgomery, Alabama’s fastest-growing neighborhoods for new homes, and Wynlakes Golf and Country Club.JWA believes in building value and enriching local communities through experienced commercial real estate development, a strong network of resources and partners, and a level of financial expertise that comes from decades of experience owning, developing, and managing real estate.  JWA can serve as a consultant or the development manager to guide your project through every stage and overcome hurdles in design, finance, and development.

We customize the services you need to deliver the best value.  The following are some of the services our real estate developers have to offer.

Build-to-Suit Development

Through our JWA Ventures division, we offer build-to-suit solutions to construct a purpose-built facility for your business.  Build-to-suit developments offer many advantages for tenants with fewer risks and the ability to free up capital that can be better spent on growing the business.

Site Selection Service

Careful site selection and analysis is critical to the long-term success of your project.  At JWA, we go beyond considering merely land needs and construction costs; we also consider legal issues, target demographics, environmental issues, incentives, and more to develop a list of sites that meet your needs and offer the best long-term value.

Financial Analysis

JWA brings more than four decades of financial expertise to the table to help you maximize your development’s value and control timelines, quality, cost, and cash flow.  We maintain strong ties to legal, financial, and real estate communities to deliver robust financial consultation and analysis.

New Orleans Master Planning

A master plan is important for guiding your New Orleans real estate development and planning for today and the distant future.  Our master planning services involve creating a thorough guide through every stage of development and beyond to ensure your property’s value in the years to come.  We consider entitlements, environmental issues, financial structuring, improvements, maintenance, and other factors.

Our Other Real Estate Development Services

JWA offers other real estate development service in New Orleans, LA such as:

  • Incentives
  • Land Entitlements
  • Acquisitions
  • Due Diligence
  • Property Management
  • Construction Management

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