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Real Estate Development

Founded in 1975, Jim Wilson & Associates, LLC has a history in real estate development going back more than four decades.  With a home office in Montgomery, Alabama, JWA has built a reputation as one of the top commercial real estate development companies in the South.  Our firm has developed more than 22 million square feet of shopping space along with Class A office space, hotels, residential master planned communities, and mixed-use properties.JWA serves Charlotte, NC as a full-service real estate development company that can guide a project through every stage of development.  We take the time to understand every element of your real estate project to implement solutions that add long-term value.  From assisting with design or construction challenges to providing financial analysis and consultation, JWA strives to be your first choice.

Our team of real estate developers can work with you from inception to end with customized solutions to fit your needs.  We can serve as a consultant or development manager to deliver the best possible return on your investment.

The following is a sample of Charlotte real estate development services JWA offers.

Financial Consulting and Analysis

Jim Wilson & Associates, LLC boasts four decades of financial expertise in retail, office, residential, and hospitality development.  We have owned, developed, and managed millions of square feet of residential and commercial properties throughout Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia with the expertise necessary to provide sound financial analysis such as acquisition analysis and feasibility studies.  Put our experience to work to maximize the value of your development, assist with financial structuring, and more.

Charlotte Master Planning

At JWA, we believe that master planning is key for a commercial development that’s fully functional and viable for the long term.  We use a collaborative approach by working with community groups and leaders, architects, investors, and other parties at the beginning of the process to make long-term plans for maintenance, entitlements, and improvements while mitigating risks.

Site Selection

One of the most important elements of any successful real estate development is careful site selection.  Choosing a site requires consideration of many factors beyond your land requirements such as construction cost, demographics, accessibility, and government incentives.  Our comprehensive site selection process includes due diligence and community evaluation to produce a list of suitable sites for your development.

Charlotte Site Entitlements

Government approval and entitlement can be a complex process yet it’s crucial to move forward with any real estate development in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Entitlements can make or break your development by determining what you may and may not do with the site.  Our real estate developers will prepare and submit plans for the site, special use permits, and other documents to obtain the necessary approval for your project.

Our Other Real Estate Development Services in Charlotte

JWA puts our decades of experience to work on your behalf.  We will work with you to evaluate the services you need to add value to your development.  We offer a wide range of real estate development services in the Charlotte area including:

  • Construction Management
  • Build to Suit Development
  • Acquisitions
  • Financial Incentives
  • Asset Management
  • Property Management

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